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During the summer of 2012, I was at a lawn party at a friend's house. He and some of his neighbors were discussing having a neighborhood party later in the summer. Talk turned to a neighborhood character, Mr Oswald, who was, they said, a 'Bible thumper' who tried cornering everyone and getting them to confess their sins, couldn't stand to see anybody have any fun, and was generally a pain in the ass. Ron said to me, "Hey, you should write a song about Mr Oswald." So I did. Available on Going Insane.

Written and produced by James Bond

JB - Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Bass and percussion assembled in GarageBand
Mixed and rendered in Acid Pro and Sound Forge Studio



© 2012 James Bond (ASCAP)
Mathew Street Music







Virgo Records/Rubber Nipple Music/Mathew Street Music
© 2013 James Bond
All Rights Reserved